Misty Backpack for Arduino

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This backpack turns Misty into a robotic base for your hardware imagination by allowing you to hook into the vast Arduino ecosystem. Program the backpack using the standard Arduino Software IDE and tap into the thousands of Arduino project tutorials and sample code examples that are available online.

Most existing Arduino Shields are compatible with the backpack allowing you, for example, to quickly add an environmental sensing weather shield to the back of Misty or control servo motors for a custom 3D printed arm you designed (both examples shown in the images to the left and below). Hundreds of shields are available from online stores such as SparkFun, Adafruit, and SeeedStudio to add nearly limitless capabilities to your Misty.

In addition to the Arduino Shield connectors we have also added a SparkFun Qwiic connector allowing you to interface to all of SparkFun’s Qwiic sensor and accessory boards.


  • Misty Backpack For Arduino
  • Spacer Shield
  • Misty Backpack Panel